Like everyone on earth we love ice cream. We especially love soft serve. Well… let’s rephrase… we love the nostalgia of soft serve. Hearing the ice cream van chiming through the suburban lanes while we’re watching Pumpkin Patch or Wielie Walie. Nagging our mom with the utmost urgency to give us some money and then tearing across the lawn to meet Mr Softy and the rest of the neighborhood kids in the street for a choc ’99 or a strawberry and vanilla swirl.

Sadly this was the best bit about soft serve. Because these days you don’t know what you are being served up on a cone. It usually consists of a concoction of E numbers, artificial flavours, mono- and diglycerides, calcium sulfate, polysorbates and like this story in the National Post says: “magnesium hydroxide (a common component of antacids and laxatives that interferes with the absorption of folic acid and iron. In addition, it can be used as a deodorant, a whitener in bleaching solutions and it even has smoke-suppressing and fire-retarding properties!)”

So this got us thinking… What if soft serve could stand its ground against the best gelato out there. What if it wasn’t just the nostalgia trip that was great, but the quality of the ice cream too?

So the idea of The Soft Machine was born. Little did we know we just started scaling a soft serve mountain…