Keep it simple

Why? Because we love soft serve, and call us picky, but we love to know what we're eating. And a powder mix with a smattering of e-numbers and a jug of water just won't do. After many moons of experimenting with quality milk and best-of-the-best ingredients, we found the formula to bring you creamy soft serve and inventive flavours from The Soft Machine - no powders, preservatives or other artificial nasties in sight. Just pure delight in a cup. Because soft serve doesn't have to be the second-rate trailer-park cousin of gelato.



Our recipes always include fresh quality milk, to produce to creamiest soft serve mixtures. 

strawberry (1).png


We believe in using real fruit for our mixtures. No syrups are used when making our ice cream. We use organic fruits from local markets to produce the tastiest soft serve ice cream. 



If you cannot read it, you should not eat it. We have a zero tolerance for using any additives to our ice cream mixtures. 

This makes it gluten-free and enables us to produce a quality perishable product, that's best serve when smooth and fresh.